Why do I need a brake and light inspection?

The purpose of a smog check is to reduce air pollution from vehicles by ensuring that cars with excessive emissions are repaired in accordance with federal and state guidelines.

Smog is created when hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides gases are exposed to natural sunlight. The five gasses monitored during a smog check are Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide, and Hydrocarbons.

California has the worst air quality in the nation and they have been the leaders in in getting control and cleaning up their air polution. The current control programs for motor vehicles cost $12 billion per year.

Smog has had a negative and devistating impact on human lives. In 1998 the Air Resource Board deamed diesel particulate matter as a cancer causing agent. Research has also found that smog causes life-shortening due to related cancer , asthma, heart problems, and respiratory illness.

Several studies have found that smog can cause many human ailments including pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, and lung cancer. The study of over 3,000 children showed those living in high-smog areas were more likely to develop asthma if they were avid athletes, when compared to children who did not participate in sports.

In addition to all the directly related health reasons, it should also be noted that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is associated with globalwarming. Smog Checking vehicles is a way to significantly reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and thus limit vehicles impact on global warming.

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Step by Step: How to get a CA Salvage Title

Exact instructions from the DMV.

The DMV has very specific instructions on how to get a salvaged title. I have provided a link directly to the California DMV website with detailed instructions on what items you need to get a California salvaged title from the DMV. Just click on the "How it Works" picture to the right to be taken to the DMV page that discusses the CA brake and light inspection requirements.

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